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7:00am - 6:30pm - Monday - Friday
* Please call ahead for times during holiday seasons. Hours will vary.


Cat Boarding

Chicago 009Our feline guests spend leisurely days relaxing in their own quiet and private cat condo. Your kitty will enjoy our three level floor to ceiling kitty condo, complete with their own personal food, water and littler box. We have beds and toys available or you are welcome to bring your cat's favorite things from home.

Cats enjoy a quiet, cozy, spacious and separate cattery from the dog boarding area.  All of our cats enjoy a floor to ceiling, three-level kitty condo, complete with food and water dishes, a litter box, toys, and blankets.  Our guest cats receive lots of daily attention, admiration, and maid service.

Vaccinations:  All cats staying in our kitty condos are required to have proof of Rabies and the Feline Distemper Combo.    Feline Leukemia is optional.

Food:  Whispering Pines Pet Resort offers Felidae and Iams dry and canned Cat food for our boarding cats.  Customers are welcome to bring their cat's own food if desired.  We require all food to be in a hard-sided Tupperware type container with a lid.   We will be happy to cater to your cat’s eating habits.

Medications:  All medication is required to be in the original container in which it was dispensed.  There is no additional charge for medication except for insulin shots, which are $5.00 per shot.

Rates for boarding cats are as follows:

$16.00 per cat

$28.00 for two cats together

15% off for three or more cats

We feed Iams, Felidae and Eukanuba cat foods. You may bring your cat's favorite food dry and or canned. All dry food brought from home must be in an airtight plastic or metal container.  All medications/supplements brought from home must be in original containers.

We do require all cats to be current on Rabies, Feline Distemper highly recommend feline Leukemia vaccination.